Saturday, August 13, 2005

My search for the worst ever Hindi film song is over.

I was watching a Hindi movie on AVS TV in the morning , just killing time, while the wife was fixing me an omlet. I had no idea what movie this was, since both the hero and the heroine seemed to have been lifted randomly from some group of dance extras, which I'm sure infest every film studio in the morning. After a commercial break, they showed the name of the movie, "Dil pardesi ho gaya". Nope, never heard of it. After investing an hour's worth of time on the internet searching for this movie, I finally found it. It took me an hour because I tried all possible combinations of the words dil, pardesi and gaya since I could not remember the exact name at the time.

So, this song began with Amrish Puri, dancing with the heroine in a garden. Before you think cradle robber, let me explain that Amrish Puri, it turned out, was the babe's daddy. And a Pakistani brigadier too. So, it was with quite a bit of bemusement that I watched Amrish Puri, supposedly a hardened armyman, perform the song wearing a chef's hat, which I named "The breakfast song". The song, not the hat. The actual name of the song is "aaj humne aap ke liye special breakfast banaya hai" (today, I have prepared a special breakfast for you).

The premise of the song was that the father-daughter relationship can be aptly compared to the process of serving and eating breakfast. Bizarre as this premise might be in itself, it was nothing compared to the actual execution of the premise. The method chosen for illustrating this comparison was to take a father-daughter emotion, look for a corresponding breakfast food item and juxtapose the two together. For example, "mamta ka glass" (the glass of love). So, following are some priceless excerpts from this song.

Amrish Puri, who obviously seems to be a morning person considering his sprightliness at this early hour of the day, has prepared breakfast for his daughter and is encouraging her to eat, using song and dance to support his case.

Based on my understanding of the concept, I have highlighted the emotion and the corresponding breakfast accessory in yellow.

Puri starts the song with a sickeningly chirpy greeting.

Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning
Very Very Good Very Good Morning

Jesus Christ, I hate seeing people be rambunctious so fucking early in the morning. No, I am not a morning person. Actually, I am a no-time-of-the-day person.

Chaliye Chaliye Tashreef To Rakhiye
Mohabbat Ki Kursi Par

Translation : Come on come on, please sit down on this chair of love.

Breakfast Sajaayaa Hai Khushiyon Ki Table Par

Translation : Breakfast has been served on the table of happiness.

Ye Pyaar Ki Plate Hai Jis Mein Taazaa Taazaa Omlet Hai

Translation : This is the plate of love in which has been served a freshly made omlet.

Toast Pe Lagaayaa Hai Makkhan Jaise Baaton Kaa

Translation : The butter of words has been applied to this toast.

Ok here in the song, there appears another person, presumably a kitchen helper of some kind, bearing on one arm a pitcher of milk and in the other, a jug of orange juice.

Taking the pitcher of milk, Amrish Puri proceeds to pour it into a glass, singing,

Mamtaa Ke Is Glass Mein Garam Garam Hai Doodh

Translation : This glass of love contains hot milk.

Then, taking the other jug and pouring the contents into another glass, Puri proclaims,

Chain-O-Aman Ke Jaar Mein Fresh Fresh Hai Juice

What the fuck is a chain-o-aman? Anyways,

Translation : The jar of Whothefuckknowswhatitis contains fresh juice.

And finally, the breakfast ends with :

Qudrat Ke Baagon Se Ham Fruits Lekar Aayen Hain

Translation : I have brought fruits picked from the garden of nature.

I don't know, this one was difficult. However, also the most meaningful line in the entire song.

After the song was over, I went into my bedroom, stood in front of my mirror, looked at my reflection and then proceeded to slap myself hard repeatedly till I had convinced myself that the song I had just witnessed actually existed and hadn't been a product of my imagination. And when my wife returned from the kitchen holding in a plate the omlet she had just prepared for me, I couldn't help thinking damn, this thing bears a serious resemblance to the desk lamp.

For complete lyrics to this song, click here.

And stay away from sharp objects once you are done reading. At least for a day. It's for your own good.


Anonymous said...

Ouch, I just fell off the chair of love.

Amit said...

Chain-o-aman is the chain that we should use to strangle ourselves for being so worthless that we had to watch this song...I got to see / hear this one for sure now as I always thought that the legendary Sonu Nigam song -
Aaj Hi Humne Badle Hain Kapde,
Aaj Hi Hum Nahaye Hue Hain

(Ishq Mein Hum Tumhe Kya Batayen, Kis Qadar Chot Khaye ue Hain).

... was the worst lyrics I had heard

Shihab said...


i think i need to shoot someone just to purify my soul after that.

maybe now you can go on a quest for the most annoying hindi song ever.

Anonymous said...

I did not read the lyrics of the song.But surely did have a good laugh reading your post...

gawker said...

sri : I hope you did not get a bump of bliss on your head.

amit i never heard of that one, and i will make sure i never will.

shihab this was annoying too. it was a winner in both categories.

rajeshwari thankuplease.

Sourin Rao said...

Why even bother to watch these movies man ? Rather watch your nails gron. Hilarious sutff nevertheless. Keep it coming...

greatbong said...

Yes yes sounds like my kind of song..."Ham fruits"...another "hammy" breakfast reference.

gawker said...

sourin .. omlet was being made by wife no .. so hunger did not allow any other activities to be carried out.

greatbong im sure you went to the link and memorized the entire thing.

Minal said...


I can't believe you sat through it, but now I see that it gave u a dose to come up with this hilarious piece:-)

gawker said...

Actually if Amrish Puri hadn't worn the chef's hat I might have stopped watching.

Anonymous said...

You really need to stay away from AVS if you want to hold on to your sanity. The 1 time I turned it on, I was treated to this unbelievable song:

Aaj saari duniya mein main baja doo band,
tu mera boy-fraand, tu mera boy-fraand!!

I'd rather tune in to Fox News.

Great Blog, by the way!

gawker said...

Hi Chandana
Thanks for stopping by.
No .. no Fox News. Anything but Fox News.