Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My ode to the President

With Pakistani schools imposing the worship of President George W. Bush on their children in the form of a poem, I thought it would be nice to impose his loathing in Indian schools with our own poem. So towards that purpose, I have penned an ode to our dear leader.

Petulant and bossy with all he must be,
Ready from every challenge to flee,
Erring in judgement, lacking common sense,
Staying hidden so as not to spew nonsense.
Isn’t afraid to fall over his own feet,
Doesn't think twice to lie and to cheat,
Eyes lacking ability to judge the scope of tasks,
Never backs down doesn't care how many casks,
Tells it all straight, as straight as a crook can be.

Going forward believing in his God,
Everyone who doubts meets the firing squad,
Over and over he muddies the water
Reaching out only to those who flatter.
Growing hatred against Americans,
"Eh what", he says, "I thought we're the loved ones".

Wanting the world to join his stroking hand,

Bracing for his climax, he will rudely be interrupted,
Ugly and vile, his administration corrupted,
So now it will be time for his trial to impend,
Here and now will his crimes end.

Oh by the way, for people who weren't aware, the first letters of each verse form "President George W Bush". That's how the authorities in Pakistan got to know about it.

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