Monday, February 25, 2008

Fox guarding the henhouse

Via MG, we come to know of this statement by the Chief Justice of Karnataka, Cyriac Joseph and State Human Rights Commission Chairperson Justice S.R.Nayak, stating that immodest dressing was the cause of increasing crimes against women.
The Chairperson, State Human Rights Commission, speaking on ‘Human Rights and the Lawyers Role’, gave his opinion on the Mumbai New Year molestation issue, when two women had their dresses torn off by a mob of men outside a nightclub: “Yes, men are bad… But who asked them (the women) to venture out in the night…Women should not have gone out in the night and when they do, there is no point in complaining that men touched them and hit them. Youth are destroying our culture for momentary satisfaction.”

Alright people, are you with me here? Did your jaw just drop to the floor? If not, then you probably weren't paying attention. That was the Chairperson of the Karnatak State Human Rights Commission advocating the cessation of human rights. Call me greedy, but in my opinion, the right not to be imprisoned in your own house would constitute a fundamental human right. Or am I asking for too much? What next, a forest conservation commission chairperson blaming trees for getting cut due to their egregious act of casting shade and thus, advertizing their presence to illegal loggers? Or, perhaps in the eyes of the Karnatak State government, women do not constitute as human beings? Is that it?

Seriously, Karnatak, we gotta talk. Whatever it is that you are using as a criterion for appointing people to government posts, it's not working. What the fuck, Human Rights Commission Chairman S.R.Nayak? Do you even know what your job duties entail? Do they or do they not involve protecting the human rights of Indians? Here's a hint : The answer is in your fucking job title. And further, please respond to my question : Do you or do you not believe that restricting someone's movements to inside their dwelling is a gross violation of their human rights? Would you do that to your own daughter? Or your wife?

But hey, maybe that IS the problem with you and your kind. Maybe you do believe in enslaving the women in your life. Maybe Mr S.R.Nayak, you HAVE locked your wife in her bedroom, and are feeding her scraps of food from under the door, convinced that each time her body is exposed to the outside world, it is an open invitation for the world to violate it. Maybe your daughter IS languishing in exile in your basement, waiting for a time when she can be handed over to her next husband-owner-protector. Maybe even as we speak, doctors imported from Yemen and the Sudan are working on sewing her vagina shut in order to preempt the possibility of those demonic labia enticing some innocent male into violating the evil sanctuary they protect. Maybe every time someone looks at your daughter with lust in his eyes, it's another raw whip mark on her back. It's always the woman's fault isn't it?

But S.R.Nayak, here's the thing. It's not. And it is your professional responsibility to make sure that Indians know that it is not. And it is also your responsibility to treat every crime perpetrated on every woman with the seriousness it deserves. Stop acting like a fucking ten year old child with your juvenile standards of morality and decency and grow the fuck up. Or, if you can't do that, at least do us the courtesy of resigning from your fucking job. After all, Indians are paying for your salary and they sure as hell want to get their money's worth.

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