Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Angry fathers refuse to yield spotlight to refugees on World Refugee Day

Male American parents, fresh from the adulation and appreciation bestowed upon them by a grateful nation on Father's Day, which was celebrated two days ago last sunday, have indicated their reluctance to yield the stage to the refugee community on the occasion of World Refugee Day, which will be observed on tuesday. In a joint statement, irate fathers all over the country complained about their extremely short tenure on the nation's pedestal and proposed that in order to rectify the situation, World Refugee Day be celebrated next week instead of this week.

World Refugee Day, which is intended to force Americans to take some time off from their busy daily schedule and spend an evening watching television anchors discuss the plight of refugees worldwide, has come under fire for prematurely evicting the memory of Father's Day from the nation's collective psyche.

"Even though sunday was the official Father's Day, under normal circumstances, paternal benefits continue to accrue through the rest of the week as long as the father makes sure that he keeps bringing up the topic", said a spokesman for the Union of Disenfranchised Fathers (UDF). "However, this year, due to the wholly unforeseen arrival of World Refugee Day a mere two days after Father's Day, paternal benefits have been cut short, leading to a callous neglect of the nation's sperm-givers. It's an outrage!"

The Global Committee for the Allocation of Special Days has taken the matter under advisement. However, a spokesman for the committee has expressed unhappiness with the UDF's demand. "If World Refugee Day were to be rescheduled, it would wreak havoc on the rest of the year's Special Day schedule", said the spokesman. "World Lactose Intolerance Day would have to be pushed to the week after next, resulting in World Hawaiian Shirt Day having to be cancelled entirely. And that's really my favorite day", he added wistfully.

However, the UDF has adopted a stubborn unyielding position with respect to this issue. An angry father brandishing a shiny new electronic scheduler made his stance clear. "If the refugees refuse to part with their day voluntarily, we will force them to flee and seek refuge in a different section of the calendar".

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