Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why stop at Bin Laden's driver

What about his dentist, grocer, nanny, plumber, midwife and personal hygiene consultant? Let's arrest 'em all and haul their asses to The Gitmo. Everyone except the big guy himself, yeah? And by the same token, by God, if I see President George W. Bush's driver on my route to work, the black guy who probably didn't even vote for him, I'm gonna let him have a piece of my mind. How dare he chauffeur around a war criminal?

Oh and let's not forget the bastards who lost all their savings and retirement funds in the Enron debacle. Yeah, the employees. How dare they work for someone who duped them out of everything they had? If you ask me, those fuckers are as much to blame as are Ken Lay and his homeboy Jazzy Jeff. Fry their asses.

Are the conservatives fucking idiots? He's a fucking driver. Not a terrorist. Now repeat this along with me : I will stop pooping my pants whenever Osama Bin Laden is mentioned. There, now didn't that make you feel better?

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