Monday, April 10, 2006

Iranian president asks Bush to disregard his own approval ratings

In a gesture of friendship and empathy, President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad of Iran today called up American President George W. Bush and asked him to disregard the latest drop in his approval numbers as something that is "just a part of every dictator's life". White House insiders report that while the president was gratified by this support from unexpected quarters, the proposed military strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities are still very much on the table.

The Iranian president comforted President Bush by saying that even if most Americans are unhappy with his job performance, George W.Bush would still be Iran's favorite infidel commander-in-chief. Mr Ahmedinejad also advised the president that when his approval ratings go down, punching a pillow or having the pillow accompany Vice President Dick Cheney on a hunting expedition would be a better outlet for releasing his pent-up frustrations than the invasion of a sovereign nation, such as, say, Iran.

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