Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why you should care about Gitmo

You say you don't care about those ragheads picked up from Iraq and Afghanistan who are now locked up in Gitmo? You feel that even though they've been stowed away from the public eye for God knows how long with no access to legal representation and who aren't even accused of anything yet, that it ain't the end of the world? You say you don't give a flying fuck even if they are tortured or sodomized or fed their own feces? You say they deserved it just 'cause they are from one of those Middle-Eastern countries with all those terrorists who do not allow us the luxury of picking and choosing who we incarcerate so hell, lets just throw 'em all into our cellars and swallow the keys?

Well, fuck you then. 'Cause it could be you in there. Especially if you have brown skin. Or if you have an accent. Or if you think the Iraq war was a sham. Or if you hold the firm belief that George W. Bush is a joke perpetuated by the ghost of Karl Marx on all mankind. Or if you don't have a sense of fashion, who the fuck knows. So if not merely for the inhumanity of it all, at least give half a rat's ass for your own skin. 'Cause it could be you in there tomorrow, rotting away in a prison cell watching your flesh atrophy along with the rest of the huddled bunch. And it will be then that you begin to wonder at the apathy of your fellow citizens to your plight and try to identify the exact moment during which the world shat in its collective pants, succumbing to the dying wishes of a few crazed lunatics who flew into a couple of buildings praying that their actions would destroy the fabric of Western civilization.

Give a fuck. For your own sake.

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