Friday, March 24, 2006

"Awwwww" moment of the day

The ACLU as everyone knows, stands for the "American Civil Liberties Union". Which basically means, that it is an institution whose objective is to protect civil rights and liberties of the individual. So how do you react when a right-wing website calling itself Stop the ACLU pens a blogpost decrying the execution of an Afghan Muslim who's being sentenced to death for committing the sin of converting to Christianity?

"Awwwwww, how cute", you go. "Stop the ACLU is actually defending people's civil rights", you say. "Come here, Stop the ACLU, let me pat your head", you say. "My, how you've grown, welcome to the world of adults. Now sit tight while we explain to you where babies come from and how your body's gonna change in the coming months as you begin to bleed outta strange places."

But seriously, do you think Stop the ACLU would have cared as much if it were an Aghan Muslim who'd turned to atheism and been sentenced for that crime? Hell, forget Stop the ACLU, you think anyone in this country would have cared? Would Michelle Malkin have scampered off to attend a rally in his defense? You think President Bush would have exerted political pressure on the Afghan government to release him if the guy had been a vegan Budhhist who drank his own urine? Fuck no. Which is why it's so goddamned cute to see all these right-wing hypocrites all dancing around waving their hands in the air making a huge fucking deal about Abdul Rahman.

Now, I've got nothing against Mr Rahman, in fact, he has my full and unquestioning sympathy and in my opinion, any government that has a clause in its constitution that says religious conversion is punishable by death is a government comprised of fascists. But what do you think is actually going on today in Afghanistan anyways? Rahman's probably just one of thousands of people whose rights are being violated in that country which is basically still being ruled by religious clerics, if you believe media reports. But Rahman has one thing going for him. The only difference between him and the others is that he's being executed for conversion to Christianity. He gets all the media attention because he's an elite soldier in this great motherfucking religious war. And that's why protecting his civil liberties is so fucking important to Malkin, to Bush, to Stop the ACLU and every other right-wing asshole who never raised a single voice of protest when their own government was torturing and executing innocent Muslim prisoners in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. So it's not about civil rights and liberty and freedom as they want you to believe, it's about a Muslim government killing a converted Christian.

And that's the "Awwww" moment of the day. Enjoy your fucking weekend.

Update : I think this picture from the Save Abdul Rahman rally explains the right-wing attitude better than anything else.

Dear faceless shithead behind the stupid-ass signboard, the difference between you and the ACLU is that the ACLU fights for civil rights regardless of the religion of the victim it is representing.

Another blog post on the same site titled "Could I be more American right now", says :

"On the way back to the office, I swung by McDonald's, and now I'm chowing on a Quarter Pounder meal that cost $5 and was served to me in, literally, 15 seconds. This is why we fight, folks."

Indeed. And that's what Abdul Rahman is fighting for as well. The opportunity to chew on a McDonald's burger a mere 15 seconds after he orders it.

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