Friday, March 03, 2006

Protesters rally against killings in anti-Bush protest

Protesters throughout India took to the streets today to rally against the killing of three Indians in an anti-Bush protest. In a massive demonstration in New Delhi, protesters sported banners saying "Down with Bush, the murderer of Iraqis and anti-Bush protesters" as they expressed their disapproval at the man responsible for the murder of people holding him responsible for the murder of thousands. These protests later ended with the killing of ten more protesters as police moved in to control the mob. Further protests are planned for tomorrow to protest against the killings in the protests against the killings in the anti-Bush protests.

Elsewhere, security was tight in Pakistan where the President was supposed to visit after his trip to India. Speaking about concerns for the safety of the president and his entourage, Brig. Javed Iqbal Cheema, a senior Interior Ministry official said, "We have made foolproof arrangements for the safe stay of President Bush." He added, "It means that even if the president were to try and assasinate himself, he would fail."

To celebrate President Bush's visit to the country, the Pakistani city of Lahore combined anti-Bush flag-burning festivities with anti-Danish cartoon demonstrations. "We have activities suitable for the entire infidel-hating family all under one roof", said a spokesman for the city governing council. "You hate America, we have a flammable George Bush effigy. You hate Denmark, we give you a personalized Danish cartoonist fatwa declaration to sign and frame on your wall. You hate your Christian neighbour, we give you a poodle with dysentery that will shit all over his lawn".

As night fell, UPI reported four men standing on a busy street in Lahore with a sign reading "Boycott all goods from Denmark." They were however soon surrounded by a dozen police within minutes and taken away in a pickup truck that, ironically, was manufactured in Denmark.

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