Friday, March 03, 2006

Blame the scheduler

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his calm way gave President Bush the finger for not visiting the Taj Mahal during his visit to India (via WTF).
To the First Lady, Mr Singh said, "I am truly sorry the president is not taking you to Taj Mahal this time. I hope he will be less of a pussy about hobnobbing with the natives more chivalrous next time you are here."

As is his habit, the President blamed someone else for the lapse in judgement.
"Look, if I were the scheduler, perhaps I'd be doing things differently," he said. "But you want me doing one thing. I'll be the president, we've got the scheduler being the scheduler."

Maybe it would be better for the country and the world if he were to take over scheduling duties and his scheduler were to take over as the president. Regardless of who his scheduler is.

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