Monday, June 27, 2005

Honest Howie dissembles

Howard Kurtz, self described media scrutinizer and whiner extraordinaire, was busy dissembling sunday morning on CNN's "Reliable Sources". Parroting the Republican line, he was complaining that Dick Durbin's remarks about Gitmo being a national disgrace, didnt get any press, while the press jumped on Karl "Spawn of Satan" Rove's remarks about treasonous liberals. Ok Howie, this one should be easy enough even for you to comprehend. For one, I myself have seen more press on Durbin than Rove. Secondly, as the Rude Pundit lucidly points out, while Dick Durbin, when he says anything, only speaks for himself, or the state of Illinois at the most, when Karl Rove opens his mouth, he speaks as the Grand Puppetmaster of the White House, plus his words were officially endorsed by the White House too. So you see, what Karl Rove says has more import in the real world, and hence, when bullshit issues from Karl Rove's piehole, that bullshit needs to be taken more seriously than bullshit issuing from elsewhere.

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