Friday, June 17, 2005

Racial Medicine .... so what?

Seems as if America is caught up between the antics of the bigoted and the politically supercorrect. So it seems that some types of medicine act differently in different races of humanity, and as usual, there is a section of populace that finds this abhorrent. We have this sociologist saying "Race is too crude a measure. We should be looking at the individual and his and her biochemical makeup, not whether he or she is Black or White.", while not really disputing the findings. First of all, why in the name of sweet fancy Moses is a sociologist opening his mouth at all? Isnt it a medical issue? Since when did sociology take precedence over medicine? And, till we can pin down the relation between effects of particular types of medicine and biochemical makeup, wouldnt it make, you know, just a teeny bit more sense to take what we know right now and save a few lives?

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