Monday, June 27, 2005

Poor downtrodden Scottie

I wonder about Scott McClellan, the White House Press Secretary. I wonder if he wakes up every morning thinking to himself "God, I wonder how much bullshit I'm gonna have to come up with today". I wonder if he takes some special training classes in creating and serving bullshit. Or is it that he's done it so frequently by now that it doesnt take any extra effort? But the press is kinda ganging up on him now. Its like a pack of wolves, you know. Courage in numbers. Or is it pack of hyenas? Courage when the prey is injured? Anyways, one of the above. They havent been so nice to Scottie lately. They've been asking questions and stuff. Not only that, they've been following up. And not only that, they've been pretty persistent. This is kinda new for poor old Scottie. Reading the transcripts of the past few press conferences he's had, I wonder he hasnt sliced his wrists yet.

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