Friday, June 24, 2005

Nothing that is said means anything anymore

This is officially the end of the era of meaning. It was a good era while it lasted. In this era, people only opened their mouths when they had a valid point to present. After the point was presented, this point would then be mulled over, digested, and then either accepted or a counterpoint presented to refute it. Nowadays, there are no points to be made. Only invectives to be hurled. And, hence, there is no substance to the discourse. The air has become so saturated with inane rantings that no one has the patience or the inclination to even consider a point as being worthy of discussion. This is one way in which the Republican party has succeeded in getting its way in recent days. By encouraging its radical members to go out and spew forth nonsense and poisoning the discourse. Now, there is no outrage left for anything anyone says. Now, everything that is said is just a prelude for an apology. And, this is how the republicans have avoided having a discussion about everything that has been going wrong. That is the brilliance of this new generation of Republicans and Karl Rove in particular. Since they know if, were anything to be legitimately discussed, they would not stand a chance, they have destroyed the very concept of discourse by rendering utterly meaningless anything that is said. And the end of discourse means the end of democracy as we know it.

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