Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Iranian president curses Sharon's intestines to grow back

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad dealt another blow to Israel-Iranian relations by hoping publicly in a press statement that ailing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's intestines would be struck down by the right hand of Allah and grow back to their original size. Sharon, who is in a critical condition, had to have a portion of his large intestines removed last week due to an infection that caused dead tissue to pile up.

This is not the first time Mr Ahmedinejad has expressed a wish for Mr Sharon's suffering to be augmented. Earlier, when the Israeli Prime Minister had a stroke, Mr Ahmedinejad went on record saying that "He hoped Mr Sharon would die." This time around, Mr Ahmedinejad further exacerbated hostilities between the two nations by hoping that the intestines removed by Mr Sharon's doctors would regrow back to their full size.

Speaking in a rally outside Teheran, the Iranian President, who has pledged to wipe Israel off the map, showed his usual bluster against Mr Sharon's internal organs. "Praise be to Allah may his body be wracked by the pain of a thousand menstruating virgins", he said, referring to Mr Sharon. "And may his intestines fly back from his doctor's hands and reclaim their place inside his body."

Mr Sharon's doctors say regrowth of his intestines is extremely unlikely, but if in case it does happen, that would greatly improve his chances of survival. To that end, they have implored more Iranians to speak out their hatred for the Israeli Prime Minister by bestowing curses upon him.

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