Tuesday, February 07, 2006

President kicks off energy independence initiative with hydrogen powered bomb

President Bush today kicked off his much-vaunted initiative for reducing the country's energy dependence on foreign oil by initiating the development of a new eco-friendly bomb that will run purely on hydrogen (via RawStory). Hydrogen, which is the most abundant element in the universe, is also the cleanest burning fuel with its only byproduct being water, unless it is used in a thermonuclear device, in which case, it also produces charred bodies.

This new hydrogen-fueled bomb is expected to be unveiled at EnviroExpo 2006 in Boston, where the US will take the lead in preserving the environment, as well as getting the rest of the world to move away from a fossil fuel based military economy. Also, in order to spur the development of green technology, President Bush has caved in to environmentalists' demands and increased the spending on research into hydrogen-based bomb fuel which is expected to alleviate greenhouse-gas production in time for the coming global nuclear meltdown.

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