Thursday, December 22, 2005

Being one step behind the Rude One

Today I was gonna write a superb post, the mother of all posts. A post so glittering with humor, so replete with graphic references to various sexual acts of both a depraved as well as not-so-depraved nature that I just couldn't wait to write it and click on the Post button.

The crux of the post was going to be the ridicule of Bill Kristol's comical article in the WaPo defending the president's illegal wiretappings, where he narrates a hypothetical scenario wherein the president would have obtained the cellphone numbers of potential terrorists in the US from people apprehended in Pakistan. And then, because time would be of the essence, in the period it would take him to get due "warrants" from "courts" to wiretap these numbers, tens of thousands of bombs would blow up in the US, obliterating the entire East coast. And hell, he might not even get a warrant because some judge might look at the evidence presented and deem the wiretapping unnecessary.

I was going to point out that the reason a judge is given this power to decide on whether wiretaps are warranted or not is because there's a law which specifically rquires it, and who better to enforce the law than a judge. I was going to point out that the president believing that he would be in a better position to adjudicate whether enforcement of this law is necessary or not is so ridiculous, not only because it breaks down the concept of an independent executive and judiciary, but also because it requires the public to place enough credibility in the president's judgement, specifically this president's, who has time and time again demonstrated that his canniness in that field is well, to say the least, of a questionable nature.

I was also going to conjure up a hypothetical scenario of my own wherein President Clinton would unilaterally decide that the US would be better protected from terrorist attacks if he were to become the recipient of a blow job from a White House intern and lie to the public about it. And what would happen if, after being found out by the New York Times, he were to go on air and reproach the New York Times for being a traitor to the country for revealing this information, and that regardless, he would still continue to receive blow jobs on the sly because in his opinion, not doing so would be a failure on his part to protect the country.

So, I was going to make all these points and it was promising to be a good post. And then, as is in my daily schedule, I happened to visit the Rude Pundit's blog during lunch and I found out that he was one step ahead of me, already having written on the topic and having done a much better job than I could ever have hoped to. Although the target of his wrath was David Brooks, the NY Times columnist who actually is quite similar to Bill Kristol in his Bush worshipping attitude.

So, fuck it, I said, crumpling up my post and throwing it into the trash bin, I guess today I'll just point to the Rude One's post. So here it is. Enjoy.

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