Thursday, December 01, 2005

US wages war on Al-Jazeera by implanting fake news reports

Coalition troops in Iraq have formulated a new strategy to counter the hideously disagreeable truth-telling by the Arab news network Al-Jazeera by planting fake pro-US news reports in it's telecasts.

While previously, the official policy of the US government to counter the awareness of ground realities in Iraq among Arabs was to bomb Al-Jazeera headquarters, it has now been discarded in favor of the much less controversial policy of merely discrediting the news agency. "The Pentagon has been engaging in surreptitious placement of news reports in Al-Jazeera programs, that have actually been penned by Fox News anchors.", admitted a senior Pentagon official. "These reports mostly display the US occupation in a favorable light by recounting the numerous interactions coalition troops have had with Iraqis that didn't culminate in bombs being set off.

The point of planting pro-American news reports is to disillusion Arabs with the network to such an extent that they begin to distrust every other news issuing from it as well, thus leading to an erosion of it's power as an influential media outlet amongst the Arab community.

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter, who had volunteered to deliver these newscasts for Al-Jazeera ultimately rescinded her offer after being informed that she would have to wear the traditional Muslim veil during the broadcast, which would interfere with her practice of putting her foot in her mouth.

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