Monday, December 05, 2005

Failed Bush assassin to "stay the course"

After polls showed falling courtroom support for his failed attempt to assassinate President George W. Bush, Georgian lunatic Vladimir Arutyunian tried to rally his supporters by announcing that he would "stay the course" and continue the Global War against the President of the United States until success was achieved.

In a passionate speech at his criminal trial, Arutyunian announced to the terrorist world that failure is not an option and that prematurely withdrawing efforts from their objective of destroying the president would only empower him and send the signal that he had succeeded in destroying their way of life. He also accused the judge presiding over the courtroom of undermining the war on the President by openly questioning his murderous motives and keeping him in a state of captivity.

Critics of Arutyunian disagree with what they call his stubbornness in not admitting his errors and changing the plan of action. "The very fact that Mr Arutyunian stands shackled to the courtroom door shows that his plan to assassinate the president is not working. And even if Mr. Arutyunian were to succeed in his mission, it is obvious that he has no idea of how to deal with it's aftermath", said a critic. "Unless a detailed plan is drawn up that explains the steps to be taken to prevent looting and arson in the United States following the assassination, we cannot support him in his endeavour."

However, supporters of Arutyunian say that he has drawn up a three point "Strategy for Victory in the War against George W. Bush" (assassinate, evade, buy Christmas gifts for 72 virgins), which should quell any doubts critics might have about the success of the undertaking.

In unrelated news, Sen. Hillary Clinton has announced her support for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as stated in the Kyoto protocol, by introducing a bill in Congress that would criminalize the burning of the American flag (via Raw Story).

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