Friday, December 02, 2005

Houses of straw slowly coming down

The Catholic Church is now announcing that the concept of "Limbo", a mystical, mythical land where souls of unbaptized and aborted infants go to, will henceforth be abolished from Christian doctrine. This comes close on the heels of the Church recently rejecting several obviously fictional claims in the bible, most prominently the concept that all of humanity is the offspring of one couple, Adam and Eve.

Ok, first of all, what the fuck? Just because the Church says so, Limbo suddenly ceases to exist? Isn't that like taking control of things from the Big Guy Himself? Suddenly, Christians, in a sudden attack of compassion and what's it called ... yeah common sense, felt bad about all the baby souls who had to exist in this vague dreary land for all eternity through no fault of their own, so the Church through popular consensus decided to unilaterally demolish it without asking God's permission? That is just bizarre and presumptious too, I might add. What if God hates babies in general and deliberately created Limbo for a purpose, that purpose being to punish 'em for all the stinky diapers they leave behind, not to mention parents bankrupted by the college expenses of their offspring?

But getting back to the crux of the matter, what this development points to is that slowly and surely, the most popular organized religion in the world is being dismantled from within as it's followers begin to question it's very fundamentals, an issue I raised earlier in this post regarding the questionable origin of most orthodox Hindu rituals and superstitions.

My vision of the future is of all the major religions of the world (which I basically consider to be seemingly impregnable houses of faith, actually being constructed from fragile straws of ignorant beliefs and myths), slowly but surely coming to an end. As all the myths that comprise religious belief structures come toppling down one by one, there will be nothing left standing except the fools inside, who had all this time been naively believing in the infallibility of their own religion. How one's heart yearns to see that day arrive soon.

But what this also means is that atheists and skeptics are actually futurists, people who have already dismantled religion in their minds and seen it for what it is, pure hogwash. They are people ahead of our times, standing right next to the sign that says "No bullshit allowed beyond this point". And when the rest of the world, comprising of the theists, cultists and religion junkies, get to that point after having tried to kill each other off, they will be greeted with a bit of understandable condescension, and asked "What the fuck took you so long"?

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