Sunday, December 18, 2005

On being found out

The NY Times revealed that Bush has been spying on US residents without warrants since 2002 through the National Security Agency.

December 16 :
President Bush : I can't speak about this matter because it is a matter of national security and revealing any details about this operation would help the terrorists and allow them to plant neutron bombs in your basement. And also since I'm not really sure how much of my activities you people already know about, I've got to find out how much of the remainder I can try and cover up. So it's better I keep my mouth shut at this point. Thank you.

December 17 :
President Bush : Ok now that I know everything is already in the open, I can safely give you all the details about the operation, because, hell, my staying out of prison is definitely more important than the safety of the nation. So shut the fuck up about laws n crap because I did it for you. Oh and also, in case you forgot, September 11. Terrorism. Destroying our way of life. Thank you.

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