Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Iraqi democratic experiment successful with emergence of Islamic fundamentalist party

President Bush's initiative to bestow democracy on Iraq appeared to be on the verge of being an unmitigated success with the relatively smooth implementation of the election process, resulting in the Shia fundamentalist party "United Iraqi Alliance" capturing about 58% of votes with 89% of votes having been counted uptil now.

The United Iraqi Alliance, which is a coalition of parties such as The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, The Islamic Dawa Party, The al-Fadhila Islamic Party and the Islamo-Islamic party of Islamian Islam, is expected to create an Islamic government at the center, more reminiscent of the one currently in power in Iran.

President Bush is getting ready to congratulate the winners of the December 15 election and welcome to the world the first fundamentalist Islamic government in Iraq, Iraq till now having been ruled by a secular dictator. Americans have expressed elation at the fact that even if Islamic terrorists henceforth begin to receive sanctuary in Iraq, their anti-US religious worldview now being shared by the government which comprises of numerous insurgent leaders who uptil now were engaged in hand-to-hand combat operations against coalition troops on Iraqi streets, they will at least be enjoying the hospitality of a government that was democratically elected by the Iraqi people.

Iyad Allawi, the pro-US Iraqi political activist who was appointed as interim Prime Minister by coalition forces, is well on his way to suffering an ignominous defeat by coming in third overall in the elections. His defeat serves as yet another reminder to all US-backed sock-puppet leaders currently in power throughout the world not to order that comfortable leather upholstered executive chair for your office yet.

Meanwhile, Iran, which recently elected an ultra conservative hardline fundamentalist president who has pledged to wipe Israel off the map, continue Iran's nuclear program and more significantly, banish the music of George Michael from Iranian radio stations, is reportedly ecstatic with the emergence of the United Iraqi Alliance, there being reports of close ties existing between the two. Although the electoral results in Iraq prove that the previously non-existing third pillar in the notorious Axis of Evil has a greater potential to now become a reality due to US intervention, December 15 will resonate throughout the world as a great day for democracy when naive, uninformed idealism scored a victory over hard, educated realism.

Meanwhile, conservative Americans, blissfully oblivious to events unfolding in the world that could in many ways be responsible for the next set of terror attacks to befall the nation, are celebrating Christmas by directing acrimony towards those who do not celebrate it.

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