Monday, December 19, 2005

VHP calls for a bandh to prevent future violence in Gujarat

The VHP today called for a bandh in Karjan town in Gujarat, India to protest the marriage of a Hindu girl with a Muslim youth. Authorities in Gujarat are applauding this move by the VHP, which they say, is a step in the right direction towards curbing communal violence in a state that has witnessed more than its share of Hindu-Muslim clashes in recent years.

The VHP, which is a right wing fundamentalist Hindu organization, pragmatically discerning that the consensual elopement of an inter-faith couple might lead to future religious riots in the state, has extended a helping hand to the parties involved by threatening them with dire consequences.

"We would like to mantain peace and amity in Gujarat", said VHP general secretary Praveen Togadia. "So, we oppose any actions on the part of our citizens that could jeopardize it, such as inter-faith marriages. The only thing more detrimental to our culture than Hindus and Muslims slaughtering each other is Hindus and Muslims living together in a state of conjugal bliss. You are welcome", he added, graciously accepting thanks from a grateful community.

In order to prevent future communal clashes, the VHP has called for a bandh in the town, which will be followed by a ritualistic stripping and parading of the felonious couple in the town square, and the evening will finally culminate with their families threatened with murder, rape and house-burning. All this, the VHP says, will prevent the occurrence of any more such anti-culture marriages that could snip away at the delicate fabric of bottled up communal hatred in the town and cause it to erupt in a riot of demented bloodshed.

The unfortunate couple, when asked for a comment replied, "We understand what we did was wrong and against our way of life. Henceforth, we shall restrict our interaction to merely hurling religious insults at each other in passing. This will be best for the community."

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