Friday, January 06, 2006

Amar Singh to bring phone-tapping culprits to justice by having phone sex

Samajwadi party leader Amar Singh today reiterated his indignation at the government's alleged tapping of his cellphone and added that in order to bring the perpetrators of the phone-tapping miscreancy to justice, he would be indulging in phone sex.

In a press conference broadcast on NDTV, Mr Singh expressed displeasure at the violation of his privacy that had occurred when his cellphone was allegedly tapped by the government. He said that beginning today, he would deliberately be talking dirty and using vile language on his cellphone in order to ensure that it would, in fact, be tapped so that he would have the requisite proof of it being tapped. In fact, continued Mr Singh, getting hot and bothered and slightly squirming in his seat, in the interests of justice, he was planning to engage in a bit of phone sex so that the culprits of the crime could be caught.

Mr Amar Singh then gave out his cellphone number to the viewing public and speaking directly into the camera, implored any right thinking patriot of the female denomination to join him in his fight against civil rights violations by having phone sex with him.

Mr Singh made it clear during the press conference that the resulting conversation which, he emphasized, was to be of such an obscene and depraved nature that the eavesdroppers listening in on his private line would be unable to resist the urge to record it, thus creating tangible proof of the phone-tapping, would remain sealed in government records, with only him being allowed to access it periodically, so that his lady partner should have no fear of her brave act becoming a liability by harming her reputation in society.

After the conference, Mr Amar Singh was observed hastily retiring to his bathroom, reportedly, because he was expecting an important phone call.

Update : Inasmuch as I would like to take credit for Mr Singh's strategy, he actually did say in a television interview that he was going to say dirty things and swear a lot on his cellphone just so that the people tapping his phone could have a good time.

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