Monday, January 30, 2006

Pro-US Indian lobby puzzled by Pro-US American stance

The lobby of pro-US Indians (PUI) has expressed surprise and puzzlement over the rabidly aggressive posturing of David Mulford, the US ambassador to India. The ambassador incurred the displeasure of the PUI when he stated that if India refused to vote against Iran at the IAEA, it would have a detrimental effect on the proposed civil nuclear initiative between India and the US.

A PUI spokesperson remarked, "Even though we are proud to proclaim our unwavering support for all American-backed policies, initiatives and wars, we feel betrayed by America giving a higher priority to her interests, thereby hurting our feelings in the process. It is inconcievable to us, in spite of America's long history of such behavior, that she would do this time and time again."

The PUI, which has supported the American occupation of Iraq as well as a number of other Republican-backed issues that have found little support even inside the US, was profoundly disappointed at the US attempt to further its interests while treading on the interests of India. "We were okay with being pro-US as long as countries other than India were being coerced in the face of the US agenda. Now that India finds herself in the path of the American juggernaut, we need to rethink our stance on this issue", said the spokesperson.

The Bush administration, which has taken a strongly pro-US position towards denuclearizing Iran, which involves obtaining the support of India against Iran through blackmail, refuses to let the pro-US stance of the PUI stand in their way. "A country's gotta do what a country's gotta do", said President Bush, explaining his position on the issue. "We are sure they will understand, especially since they appear to consider the PNAC as their role model, whose statement of principles clearly explains the nature of American imperialistic ambitions towards the rest of the world. The statement is also specific on the lack of any role assigned to India within the scheme of its implementation except in the capacity of being the rest of the world."

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