Friday, January 27, 2006

Polluting nations vow to reduce greenhouse emissions by not holding environmental summits

Six of the world's biggest pollution causing nations met together in Sydney, Australia to wrap up multilateral talks in which it was decided never to hold an environmental summit again. This mostly unanimous accord will mark a historic breakthrough in the fight against global warming by lessening greenhouse gas emissions caused due to these summits.

According to sources, the US and Australia jointly initiated the bill banning the holding of pollution causing summits. "Beginning today, the planet will benefit due to a 100% reduction in carbon dioxide produced by people travelling to countries holding climate-change talks", gushed a happy team US spokesman. "Email deletion, which is a more eco-friendly way to not make progress in cleaning the earth's atmosphere, will be a terrific substitute to holding global warming summits and disagreeing on everything that is said."

India and China, who will be the world's biggest polluters in the coming years, have expressed their disagreement with this bill, but could not email their disapproval fast enough to overturn it due to slow internet connections.

In related news, astronomers have discovered a new earth-like planet hovering around a star about 20,000 light years away. More significant is their claim that the star might be devoid of any intelligent life form due to the presence of large amounts of breathable air in its atmosphere.

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