Friday, January 27, 2006

Poll shows Americans wish for a third Bush term

A CNN poll shows that a majority of Americans consider President Bush's second attempt at being a president to be a massive failure. This led to the president gloating over the fact that this proves that most Americans wish him to have a third shot at the presidency which hopefully might finally be a successful one.

"Politics is similar to academics", said the President while imparting a civics lesson to students at the West Point military academy in upstate New York. "The school, which in this case is the American Union, won't give me a degree, which in this case is an ex-president's mansion, salary and a security guard, unless I have passed the presidency with flying colors."

The president is expected to start studying for his next attempt at the presidency, which will be held on November 2nd 2008, by looking back at all the mistakes he made during his initial two terms and blaming them all on Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party.

On being asked if Congress would be okay with scrapping the two-term rule for the presidency considering his special case of incompetence, President Bush replied, "9/11 changed everything. Congress doesn't count anymore."

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