Monday, January 09, 2006

Arnold Schwarzenegger mystified by Newton's third law of Physics

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today had to resort to the relatively un-superherolike activity of getting 15 stitches in his lip after an accident involving him and his 12 year old son on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which collided with a car.

Arnold expressed surprise at the fact that his contact with the car, instead of leading to a spontaneous photogenic explosion with debris being scattered to places as far-flung as Compton and Long Beach and leaving the Hollywood actor and his bike intact, in actual fact, threw him off the bike into a ditch, where he was left bleeding and stunned at this strange turn of events. When apprised of Sir Isaac Newton and his third law of Physics which states that "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction", Mr Schwarzenegger pooh-poohed the 17th century British scientist, calling him a girlie-man of Science.

Arnold has, since then, requested his robot stand-in from the future to fill in for him as Governor of California while he recuperates from his accident, and has expressed an even greater shock on being informed that there exists no such thing.

The presence of stitches on his lip is reportedly expected not to deter Mr Schwarzenegger from opening his mouth in order to request the Federal Government for additional funds for his debt-ridden state.

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