Sunday, July 31, 2005

Crappy TV commercial of the day : Scoop Away cat litter

A woman is crawling around on a sloped roof for some obscure reason. A cat, also on the roof, watches her with semi-detached interest. The woman, feeling the eyes of the feline on her, loses her composure and starts slipping off the roof. Clawing about, trying to gain a fingerhold on the shingles, she continues to slide off, but just as she is about to fall off the roof, she manages to clasp onto the gutter pipe. The pipe breaks free and pipe and woman slowly succumb to gravity one floor at a time. The pipe-woman combo inexplicably stops descending at a second floor window.

The woman glances through the open window at a cat litter box lying on a table by the window sill. The litterbox contains a darkish solid which, if it werent so darned rectangular, could have been presumed to be a cat turd. The woman, for the time being, appears to have forgotten that she is hanging from a pipe some 3 floors above the ground, and seems to be transfixed by the litterbox. Then, the presence of a second box beside the litterbox with the words "Scoop Away cat litter" appears to clinch the deal. She reaches in through the window, removes the darkish turd thing from the litter box using a scoop and throws it into a bin. Not withstanding the fact that she is in all likelihood about to fall and get killed, she momentarily revels in the extraordinary ease of removing the turd from the litterbox with a single hand, which she in all likelihood, attributes to the branded excellence of "Scoop Away" litter.

Then, the pipe breaks away, and Scoop Away, in all probability, lose a very loyal customer to idiocy. On her way to terra firma, the crazed female passes a man, presumably her husband, sitting in a first floor window, who seems remarkably unfazed at his wife's face appearing outside his window as she is on her way to her eventual demise.


Sunil said...

Is there an online version of this innane ad? I need to see this..... there a specific name to google for? "Cat poop scoop" comes up with a few thousand hits.....:-)

gawker said...

I actually looked for it, used search term "Scoop Away cat litter", but couldnt find it. Instead I found another crazy Scoop Away ad for a magazine or something here. (this one was actually pretty clever)