Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The fairy-tale museum

Kentucky is building a museum devoted to propounding the theory (?) of Creationism; or as the American Institute of Common Sense (AICS) calls it, the "I ain't come from no monkey" theory. "We believe that dinosaurs were created alongside of man on day six of creation," said Mark Looy, a spokesman for Answers in Genesis, the Australian group building the museum. "They did not die out 65 million years ago." "And goddamnit I ain't come from no monkey", he added, gesticulating furiously.

On being asked "If dinosaur and man were created simultaneously, why don't dinosaurs exist anymore", Looy replied, "Well thats for the Museum of Dinosaur Plagues and Other Godly retributions to explain.

Looy stated that the content of the museum will be very different from what is presented from mainstream scientists, but it's still good science nonetheless. He added, "By good science of course, I mean science that is sanctioned by the bible, which involves believing in something just because the bible says so without trying to verify it using scientific techniques of validation. Hallelujah."

In other news, God has denied having a hand in creating Mark Looy.

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