Tuesday, July 12, 2005

You know the "hard core" terrorists that were tortured in Gitmo....

You remember how everytime there were new accusations of distasteful behavior on the part of Gitmo prison guards, new accounts of torture what with all the gravity defying urine flying around and prisoners being made to wallow in their faeces and listen to rap music, everytime any "America hating" liberal spoke out against this totally unamerican, heck inhumane behavior, there was always a government stooge willing to stand up, put his credibility on line and proclaim "Yes, we might have tortured them but you understand these are the worst of the worst, deserving no compassion and if you waste your sympathy on them, it will be like wasting compassion on a rattlesnake." Every administration stoolpigeon, as if on cue, was rising up in turn, going on the squackbox and and condemning these murderous bastards, justifying their animal treatment by calling them suicide bombers, "hard core criminals", and our very own president Benedict the 43rd, saying "the Gitmo detainees are terrorists, swept up off the battlefield in a place like Afghanistan, for example" (all via The Rude Pundit). Hell, after hearing all these persuasive arguments, I was prepared to personally fly to Gitmo and wallop 'em with my own version of bhangra rap music.

But now, it seems they were all wrong. They were .. kinda ... what's the word .. exaggerating. Now, the Pentagon, in a kind-hearted change of attitude, has determined that a number of these Gitmo dregs are not "posing much threat anymore", and hence, are to be released. And, more will be following suit. (again via the Rude one). Well, isn't that just dandy? I guess we should now be expecting some thank you notes from these grateful scum eh?

The American public has been a silent and willing accomplice in this. Even if they don't care about this third world tattered debris, firstly, being so far-removed from the Gitmo front lines, and secondly, being as it were, brainwashed and ordered by the government to dehumanize in order to survive, at least they should think ahead to the day when they themselves might be held without trial in one of these torture chambers with nothing but a bed of faeces to sleep in. Because, the difference between being a terrorist and a patriot, in the America of today, it seems, is just a smidgeon of suspicion, no proof required.

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