Monday, July 11, 2005

Philly scores on Best places to live in the US : 2005

Philadelphia scores no.1. Yay, huzzah, pass the champagne and the cheesesteaks. Ok, I cheated, its not really Philly, just a town 15 miles from Philly. And it's in New Jersey, not Pennsylvania. But hey, 15 miles is practically within smelling distance of Philly. Yeah, Philly smells like a sewer in summer, so sue me. Ok, I lied, the title was misleading and Philly sucks. There, you happy now punk?


Sunil said...

This is about as accurate as a times of india headline gets.... # 2 was Bainbridge Island, WA, just smelling distance from Seattle (which is really a very nice place to live in). So, Seattle's the second best place to live in the US :-)

gawker said...

Yeah I have heard about Seattle being a nice place and the day I decide I can withstand the 5 hour plane ride to the west coast I plan to visit it. Actually I think I was kinda hard on Philly. Although Philly the city is kind of a wasteland, the suburbs are nice places.