Friday, July 15, 2005

Violence that influences games that influence violence

Miami based lawyer and no-talent video game player Jack Thompson has started a crusade against violent video games like Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt and Doom. The reasoning behind his website, is that these games inspire young people to a life of violence and crime, and that the violence in video games like these probably inspired the Columbine massacre in Colorado, where two high school students went on a shooting spree, killing a number of their classmates in school.

Miami ex-mayor Joe Carollo expressed support for Mr Thompson's activism, declaring "It is time these budding criminals with their X-Box consoles and joysticks stopped their rampant violence on imaginary villains in the safety of their homes and entered the rough neighbourhoods of the city to see how its done in real life."

Walmart, the US superstore chain, which, if it were legally allowed to, would not hesitate in opening a discount whorehouse and stocking it with third world prostitutes in order to offer bargain prices to its American customers, has announced it's intention of removing violent video games from it's shelves, thus freeing shelfspace for a bigger gun and ammunition department.

In other news, violence in Iraq continues to escalate, thus influencing citizens of numerous countries to inflict violence on the western world.

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