Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekend bizarro round-up

In Chicago, if you grab a kid's arms, you get listed officially as a sex offender.

In Manchester, New Hampshire, local authorities encounter a hostile resistance when they try to escort a duck family to safety.

Sioux City, Iowa is thinking about banning ultimate cage fights. Cage fights? Yes, apparently they do exist.

In Japan, Kaori Shoji inspects the purses of Japanese working women.

In Georgia, rednecks compete in various competitions, one of which is the mudpit belly-flop, which sounds rather like one of those hi-fi cocktails women drink in upscale bars.

In Tokyo, a Japanese man is pushing the envelope of geekdom by trying to recite the first 83431 digits of pi.

In Arizona, ugly dogs win big.

In Florida, a man wakes up with a headache to find a bullet in his tongue.

And, finally, in New York, an assemblyman sends all his constituents an email calling them idiots.

See you on the bizarre side.

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