Friday, July 01, 2005

When you become a man

When you enter your gym, toss out your hi's hellos and wotups, do a bit of stretching and warming up, start your work-out, do a bit of flexing in front of the mirror and then realize that you'll be goddamned, you've been wearing your T-shirt inside out all this time, and that everyone in the gym has probably noticed it ever since you entered, that is the point in your life when you become a man. You are now strong enough to handle any other horrors life will throw at you.

This kind of thing has happened to me before. It happened to me at the last place I worked at. I was late to work, I rushed into my office where my boss was having a meeting with one of my colleagues. I started blabbering about snooze buttons on alarm clocks, highway constructions and other devilries that had prevented me from being punctual, but my boss interrupted me and observed, "Your shirt is inside out".

For some reason, I didn't become a man that time.

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