Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bush condemns Delhi blasts, urges Iraqis to be strong

President Bush today expressed outrage at the bomb blasts that occurred in New Delhi three days ago and led to the deaths of more than fifty people. He added that his administration, and America as a whole, stood behind Iraq and urged all Iraqis affected by the blasts to be strong in their hour of darkness.

Ever since the US invaded Iraq, there have been a series of bomb blasts in public places, leading to a huge loss of life and property. However, this particular blast was especially repugnant, the President remarked, in that it had occurred in a crowded neighbourhood while people were busy shopping for a religious occasion. Also, the president said, the co-ordinated sequence of the bomb blasts proved that this was not an isolated event, and that there had to be considerable planning that went behind it.

Later, in a press conference, Bush stated that the New Delhi blasts served as a reminder about the nature of the enemy America was facing in Iraq, and that the country needed to stand together and support the war against terror.

The president also used this opportunity to urge Iran and Pakistan to work together towards improving bilateral relations and hammer out a compromise that could lead to the permanent independence and democratization of Taiwan, which has been a bone of contention and a big source of tension between those two countries. In case Iran and it's oil industry failed to comply with this suggestion, warned the president, it could quite possibly face military action.

In other news, the president's new aggressive policy against the coming bird flu pandemic has set the global poultry industry atwitter and led to some fluttering of nerves.

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