Friday, November 18, 2005

Celebrity Blogs revolutionize the showcasing of fan apathy

The relatively new craze of blogs written by Indian film celebrities has revolutionized the communication of fan apathy to these same celebrities by breaking down the barriers in fan-celebrity interaction.

Before the advent of celebrity blogs, the only way Indians could express their lack of interest in Bollywood films and actors was to broach the topic with members of their intimate circle of family and friends. Now, with celebrity blogging rising to prominence as the best way to publicize a Bollywood film, it's beneficial effects have trickled down to the Bollywood fan population, which now has an outlet to vent it's indifference, apathy, and even revulsion in the comments sections of these blogs.

Bipasha Basu, one of the few Indian film celebrities who started a blog to publicize her new film, has been one of the first to be fortunate enough to get fan feedback regarding her films, her acting, her writing, her ravishing body and the numerous ways it's supple elements could be used to satisfy the carnal cravings of a devoutly lustful fan base.

A commenter on the blog elaborated on the lack of effect the blog has had on her lack of interest in watching Basu's films. "im not watching this damn movie just because i saw this stupid blog :P go and get some creative ideas!! people suck", ranted the irate commenter, curiously extending the suckiness of the actress to include all of humanity.

Another commenter advised the actress to utilize her blog to showcase herself as a person instead of merely using it as a tool to pimp her new movie. Yet another fan expressed the opinion, albeit with no proof, that this blog might not be a product of the literary prowess of the actress herself, but that of her PR agent.

However, there were many fans who took the opportunity to express their support for the actress. One fan was happy that women such as she existed in India, who were willing to follow their own path in life regardless of a conservative societal attitude. "And please to tell me how tall you are", the metrologically obsessed fan added.

The blog has also inspired a number of fans to set up their own websites deprecating the Indian film industry. "Help in my with me abt stupid bollywood things", commented one Bollywood fan.

In other news, the new Harry Potter movie will be released in theaters this weekend, which, hopefully, will finally answer the question left unaddressed in the previous sequel, namely, will Hermione Granger finally attain the hotchickhood she has consistently shown the promise of achieving in previous films?

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