Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Growing anti-war feeling leads to hopes of Zarqawi capture

Rapidly falling Presidential approval ratings, as well as a growing anti-war movement in the US has led to a corresponding hope that the notorious terrorist Al-Zarqawi might have been killed in a terror raid carried out by coalition troops in Iraq.

This seemingly unrelated hopefulness pervading the country would not seem so irrational if one were to look at previous instances when the President seemed to have lost the support of the American public. Ever since the beginning of the Iraq war, everytime Americans have raised a ruckus regarding the mishandling of the war, coalition troops have miraculously appeared to have succeeded in capturing numerous high level Al Qaida operatives.

This highly predictable trend between dips in the president's approval ratings and subsequent captures of high level terrorists has people bearing high hopes that the latest terror raid might have resulted in the capture of Al Zarqawi himself. The logic behind it being that with the president currently being subjected to the greatest amount of hatred and mistrust from the American people ever since he was elected, the terrorist being captured would have to be among the top echelons of Al Qaida's hierarchy, most probably, Zarqawi, who is reportedly the Al Qaida leader in Iraq.

When asked to comment, Presidential man-whore Scott McClellan replied, "Usually, when faced with a disaffected electorate, our official strategy has been to raise terror alert levels in order to get people back in line. But lately, when we've been doing that, the president has begun to have nightmares, so we stopped that practice."

In other news, realizing the potential of "doors" in preventing an exodus of people from rooms, President Bush has initiated the construction of numerous such "doors" on the Iraq-Syria border in order to deter insurgents from exiting Syria and entering Iraq.

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