Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Conservatives shocked by calls to conserve fuel

President Bush today asked Americans to begin conserving fuel, an announcement that sent conservatives into a stunned state of disbelief. The President, who has always been for increasing consumption of fossil fuels, flip flopped today when he seemed to imply that Americans should start thinking about reducing their consumption of gasoline. This reduction in gasoline consumption would be required because of low supplies, said the President.

When conservative supporters, enraged at being asked to conserve, vociferously aired their repugnance at this request of the President, Bush tried to calm them by saying, "I was speaking to the American Middle Class, not you."

Unappeased, conservatives are asking "What's next .... Voiding the tax breaks for the wealthy just because America is facing a shortage of government funds?"

In other news, the IRA has jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon and issued no-bid contracts to Halliburton for all it's terrorist operations.

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