Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just one more reason why there might not be a God

Yesterday started out like a regular garden variety tuesday. The alarm rang at 5:45, I was walking to my car in my pajamas by 6:00 and 6:02 saw me and my wife in the car, waiting for the traffic lights to change at the intersection leading to the train station. The old familiar lead-in skit that signified the beginning of the morning radio show I listen to was playing. It goes like this:

(knock knock)

Woman in a mexican accent : Housekeeping!
Sleepyman : Hmpgrgrglub....

Woman in a mexican accent : Housekeeping?
Sleepyman : nmblglm....10 more minutes.

Woman in a Mexican accent : You need towel?
Sleepyman : No towels....need sleepy

Woman in a mexican accent : You need pillow?
Sleepyman : Please go away, let me sleep for the LOVE OF GOD.

This is where the actual show begins. It's actually a pretty funny skit. Unless, of course, you are listening to it at 6:00 in the morning and your state of mind is pretty much similar to that of the sleepy man in the skit.

So, every morning, the location on my station route where this skit begins determines whether my wife is going to miss her train or not. If it begins at the traffic lights we were waiting at, chances are good that the train would probably leave without my wife on board. Naturally, I was impatient.

Soon, the lights turned green and I gunned my car and started to turn left. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a red sports car came speeding from the left, and just as it approached the intersection, instead of slowing down for the red light, it accelerated. I realized in disbelief that he was going to run the red light. I was already almost halfway up the intersection, and I saw this guy roaring towards me, and if I had not slammed on the brakes in reflex, he would have crashed right into my passenger's side of the car. He flew past barely a whisker away from my front bumper. He was doing about 80 mph or so, so my death would have been instantaneous.

I sat there for a while so fucking stunned, my hands shaking, that the lights turned orange and red, before I even managed to jab down on my horn. I sat there blaring my horn, even though the guy in the red car had already disappeared from my life. I don't know how long I sat there, till my brain came to grips with the fact that I had just met Death face to face. I was seething at this person who would be so careless with other people's lives, just so he could save a couple of seconds on his commute. God yeah, how I was seething.

Then, I began to think about how close both of us had been to death. If I had moved even half a second before I did, our bodies would probably be lying in a morgue right now. What had determined that I would live and not die? Was it not my time? Was it Divine Intervention?

And it was then that I came one step closer from being a skeptic to a full-blown atheist. If God really had some say in the matters of men, would he really have bothered to save me from Death? As I look at my life, it is quite clear to me that I have sinned a lot. As Homer Simpson said, heck, I don't even believe in Jebus. And I'm sure God wouldn't be too pleased with this blog either. Why, then, would God bother to save me?

Many people might say to me that au contraire, the very fact that your life was spared proves that there IS a God. I beg to disagree, my pious friend. Think about it for a moment. Do you really think I am so fucking arrogant to believe that my life is somehow special and that He should save me when God did not bother to save his own son, or these people who were actually pious and might have deserved to live more than I ever did?

If there were a God, then I should be dead right now. Since I am not, there cannot be a God. It is as simple as that.


Michael Higgins said...

Hi Gawker
That is a scary story. I'm really glad that you and your wife weren't hurt.

gawker said...

Thanks, Michael. It was pretty scary. And I think I have developed a phobia o traffic lights since then.

Anonymous said...

jebus !!! Man be careful at traffic lights ESPECIALLY when the traffic is thin. I always make it a point to see left and then see right before I start rolling when the light turns green. It is much better to risk being honked by the impatient schmuck behind you than getting killed by a maniac from your left or right. Take care man. God bless. - MINO

Veena said...


Glad you and your wife are fine. Pretty scary.

chappan said...

Maybe God didnt kill you cus he wants you to witness Jeb Bush for Prez o8. And John Roberts is already being primed for Chief Justice. So there is a grand plan by the big guy or Oprah or Peer Amrit Malang Neem Elaichi Baba, after all.

Chandana said...

Glad to know you're both safe.

Sunil said...

or may be it's all a deep, dark conspiracy to make you think you're alive, when actually you're not.......

glad you guys are safe though...

raven said...

Glad you're safe.

gawker said...

Thank you all for your good wishes.

mino : I actually did look left and right, but the bastard was speeding so fast that I only saw him at the last minute.

veena : thanks, yeah, it was

sourin baba : if bill frist does become president I'll probably replay the scene in my mind with nostalgia

chandana, raven : thanks

sunil baba : I've had that suspicion even before this experience, in which case, I probably had nothing to worry about anyways.

arZan said...


Good to know that u n the missus are safe.

I face jerks like that on a regular basis on the motorcycle. I gotta be really careful even here in the city where high speeds are not so common.

Nary does a week go by when an errant driver cares a fuck for a motorcyclist likes me.

Though in the city, they cant get far, and a couple of times I have followed them and given them a piece of my mind at the next traffic light.

Once a cop car pulled up next to me while i was arguing with the driver, and the cops saw what he had done and gave him a rash driving ticket....upward of 250 dollars and no chance of appeal !!

MNO has the right advice above as to how to navigate on lonely empty roads.

Sujatha said...

Wow, Gawker! What a nasty experience first thing in the morning. Take care. Second Mino's thoughts. Glad you're safe!

Mridula said...

Came to your blog for the first time via desipundit. It must have been a scary experience but I can see your faith came out unscathed :)

history_lover said...

Glad you are safe
Well one could argue that to a pious person death is not the End
and they will get special consideration for dying on a pilgrimage

vin said...

I agree with you...if "god" had saved you why would he come right at the last moment? Is he that confident/arrogant of being there right at the nick of time? what he got busy saving someone else right at that time...wont it had been simpler for you (and him) and made your day/life less dramatic by just making sure that guy's car didnt start that day...hasnt he risked someone else's life by making him get away with it...oh, now i get it...if you hadnt been "saved" at the last moment, you wouldnt have known that you were "saved" and hence no one would acknowledge his presence...did i just prove that there is GOD?

gawker said...

arzan : Thanks man. Being on a bike would be much more dangerous. But I guess, with NYC, you are probably doing 2 miles an hour, so it compensates.

Sujatha : I know. Luckily, even though I was half asleep, my reflexes didnt fail me.

mridula : thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am adhering to my faith of being faithless

history_lover : thanks man. See, thats what I dont understand about religious people. If they are so confident that the next life is gonna be much better than this, if they murder someone, arent they just sending him to a better life? Why is murder a sin then?

vin : But the question still remains, if I am not that special, why was I saved?

iS|ime said...

Coz u have a special family and friends praying to HIM for ur Good health and Long Life. Coz all ur good acts in ur past life have been "carried-forward", which i believe in some form have compensated to all ur sins and fcuk-ups in this life. Coz ... ok deal with it, in some fcuking weird way HE thinks u are Special ! .. lol .. sorry just fcuking with u .. im glad u live and so does the better half (or three quarters in ur case) :).

Patrix said...

Whew! that was close. Too bad they don't demand a common sense exam before doling out a license in this country. Glad you are safe though.

Megha said...

That is a scary story for sure! Am glad you and your wife are safe.

Interesting theory though about why there cannot be a God. So you don't think you're special enough to deserve saving. But what of the 'put on this earth for a purpose' type thing? Maybe that's why you've been spared? There's a purpose we all have to fulfill first?

Hello from a first time commenter :)

Sakshi said...

Well i have faced some shitty drivers in Sydney too...and dont get me started about Mumbai drivers...even at speed of will find people still managing to slam into you.

Take care....

Anirudh said...

I don't believe in God but if there was one, why would he be partial to those who are pious?

gawker said...

slime : thank you, but I am not sure there will be a lot of people praying for me

patrix : i know man, thanks

megha : thanks for stopping by .... well, if I have a purpose here, God should probably let me know what it is before I die

sakshi : in india its probably safer to crash into someone cos of the low speeds. Here, its pretty scary

anirudh : well, if you were god, and if you cared, and if you had the ability to save people wouldnt you save those who believe in you rather than those who dont?

harini calamur said...

That sounded like a bad mumbai driving story. idiots who drive the suv's on the wrong side of the road at 120 kmph. didn't think that this kind of driving happened in the USA:)

glad that u and the missus are fine.

ahem on the god thing.According to 'hinduism' life and death realy have nothing to do with 'god'. everyone is supposed to die when it is there time to die - not a seconde earlier or later. even god cannot change it.
It is supposedly based on karma. and even "god" can't mess around with karma. and the law of karma says that - the better your karma the shorter your time on earth. and the worse your karma the longer your life" :)
(the reason why hinduism and god are in quotes is that i really don't buy the definition of either and am using the commonly accepted definitins here! :)

gawker said...

harini : That's interesting. I didn't know about that. Well, I was talking more about God in a colloquial sense where people attribute every good thing that ever happens to them to God.