Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The internets strike back.

The internets struck back against President George Bush. This is what happened.

The Office of Women's Health of the FDA announced the appointment of a new acting director. His qualifications? An "FDA veteran trained in animal husbandry" (via ThinkProgress). Yes, a veterinarian was appointed to be in charge of women's health. Makes sense ain't it? Gotta take care of dem bitches n shit.

Then, later, after an outcry against this appointment, the FDA changed it's tune.

Three days after the Alderson announcement, the FDA main press office sent out a very different announcement. It said that 20-year FDA veteran Theresa A. Toigo would be the new acting director of the women’s health office. … Alderson — and the statement announcing his appointment — was never mentioned.

Asked yesterday who exactly was running the office, FDA spokeswoman Suzanne Trevino said that Alderson had never been appointed acting director. She said that Toigo would take over from the departed Wood, and that her office knew nothing about the statement regarding Alderson, who is the agency’s associate commissioner for science.

So the FDA denied ever having appointed the guy. But oops, they forgot about one thing. Google doesn't forget. Google remembers. The Google cache of the FDA webpage clearly showed the appointment which they now deny. The cache is gone now. Chalk that up as another lie of the administration.

What is with the Republicans though? Why are they so obsessed with animals? Take Brownie, who used to tend Arabian horses. And now this guy entrusted with women's health, who used to be a veterinarian. Very very strange. Bizarre even. But then, maybe not so bizarre.

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