Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Revenge of the invertebrates

A strange new kind of aquatic parasite has been discovered, preying on fish. The modus operandi of this new parasitic louse is to gobble up the tongue of a fish, attach itself to the stub where the tongue used to be and then proceed to drink the blood oozing out of the wound. It also acts as a prosthetic tongue for the fish.

(Fish to friend : God I feel lousy tonight)

Before you go check your tongue in the mirror for any sign of protruding eyes, rest assured that this bug does not prey on humans (at least upto the time this article went to press), but only on fish. That too, fish which have a big mouth and can't stop yapping on and on about their shiny new fins and how they get more tail than anybody else in the bowl.

This is what the louse looks like when it is not being a nasty little son of a bitch.

(Courtesy BBC)


eb said...

glad to see that now, post-katrina, you're back to your humorous ways. that bill gates post was probably the best one on the blog so far!

Valderbar said...

Eww. I am so glad not to be a fish.

Sakshi said...

This is too cool...

gawker said...

eb, sakshi thanks.
valderbar especially not a fish on a plate.