Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bill Bennett begs the media to distort his remarks

Dr William Bennett, a right wing radio host came under fire when he made a racist declaration on his radio show which resulted in a huge backlash within the country. He said the following :

"If you wanted to reduce crime ... if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down."

There was an immediate uproar in the country with most of the populace identifying more than a hint of racism contained within Dr Bennett's remarks. Bennett responded with a call to the mainstream media. "This is a request to anyone in the media who is listening to please misinterpret my remarks. I know that we on the Republican Right, have time and time again complained of the media taking us out of context, but this time I really need you to do it. If there is anyone in the media who wishes to showcase their incompetence, now is the time"

The media, however, was not so lenient with Dr Bennett, and insisted on repeating his statements verbatim. "This stubborn unwillingness of the media to spin my insane ramblings into something approaching sense definitively proves the media's liberal bias", said an indignant Bennett. "They always talk about the media distorting someone's comments and taking them out of context. Why is this not happening in my case? Where is the media's notorious lack of comprehension regarding clearly enunciated statements?"

CNN's Wolf Blitzer, when asked for comment, replied "In most cases of media distortion, the distortee usually gives us some wriggle room by either using an ambiguous sentence construction, double entendre or mumbled, partially incoherent words which could, if need be, be used as wildcards in order to change the literal meaning of the remark. But in this case, Dr Bennett has given us no leeway whatsoever. He said aborting black babies will lead to a reduced crime rate. There is no way these words can be interpreted as anything else."

In other news, animal rights activists are getting ready to protest Republican milking of the 9/11 cow for the second consecutive presidential election.

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