Thursday, October 27, 2005

I get some fashion advice

I walked into G's cubicle.

Me : What's up man.
G : Hey whoah how many did you shoot?
Me : Shoot what?
G : Deer, I don't know, whatever it is that you like to hunt.
Me : I don't hunt. And it's 8:00 am. Are you drunk?
G : What are you wearing a hunting shirt for then?
Me : Am I wearing a hunting shirt?
G : Yes. You didn't know that?
Me : No. I am not from these parts.
G : Didn't you notice anything odd about this shirt?
Me : Not really. Apart from the fact that it appears to be two sizes too large for me, looks like a potato sack and is as thick as a winter blanket, that is. So no, not really.
G : Yes, those are all signs pointing to it being a hunting shirt.
Me : I got it at K-Mart for a couple of bucks and it looked warm. These are usually my only criteria for buying shirts.
G : Okay. You should have washed your jeans though.
Me : Those are new. That's what they look like.
G : They look like they are covered in mud.
Me : They are called workman's jeans. They are meant for people who want to look manly and cool without having to get dirty in the process. Thats what kids are wearing nowadays.
G : How old are you again?
Me : I guess it's lucky for me the boss isn't here today eh?
G : I would think so.

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