Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A letter to Preston and Steve of the Morning Show

Dear Preston and Steve

I am a long-time regular listener of your morning show. I think you guys are the funniest thing since adult diapers. I have been listening to your show ever since you were on Y100, and one day when I got into my car, turned on the radio and found rap music emanating from my speakers, I was devastated. Rumor had it that you were going to be back on the air with WMMR soon. So I waited and I waited, I checked the news everyday, and when finally you returned back to humanity, I wept for joy.

I enjoy the Bizarre Files. I especially enjoyed the Bizarre Files edition of October 4th. It included a story on a couple of Indian villagers fined by their village elders for keeping a pet ghost in their house. It was a hilarious story and I laughed heartily. At least upto the point when Steve said in a kind of derisive tone, "What an incredibly advanced civilization!".

I am an Indian by origin. A "Kamasutra, Yoga, elephant" kind of Indian, not the "teepee, painted skin" kind. No, I am not one of those people, you know who I am talking about. Those who like to be politically correct, who cannot take an ethnic joke. I laugh at myself, I laugh at other Indians, Mexicans, Americans, even the Martians who infest my toilet bowl. So no, I am not one of those people. But I found Steve's statement extremely strange, wherein he judged an entire civilization of a billion people, based on the antics of a small group of uneducated superstitious people who form only a small part of it.

But the final irony was to follow a bit later in the show, where you did a section in the same Bizarre Files of a church group in England who have lingerie parties in the name of God, who sit around in their underwear sharing anecdotes about Adam and Eve. Now, as an Indian, and an atheist, I find this behavior truly fascinating and truly bizarre. For me, belief in Adam And Eve is structurally on as sound a footing as believing that you own a pet ghost. However, I understand that this segment of the Western world which believes in the birth of Womankind from Mankind's rib does not in any way reflect upon the rational majority of Westerners, and that if informed about this church group, the average Indian's first reaction would not be to impugn the entire Western world.

So what the hell is the fucking point of this mail? None, I just felt the need to vent a bit. After all, you do have the Love you, Hate you line don't you? Consider this my contribution to it. After all, I do love you guys, but I hated this remark of Steve's. Thank you for listening to my rant. (In case you haven't deleted my mail by now).

As Steve would say, G'day (in an "Austrian" accent)



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