Thursday, October 13, 2005

Something fishy this way cometh

Continuing the investigative journalism being carried out by Arzan, some strange things began to emerge.

1.> IIPM's link to alliances points to an institute in Belgium, called IMI. This institute's website is curiously similar to IIPM's with an excess of ambiguity, no faculty lists, no campus pictures (instead of a campus picture they keep showing a picture of Central station, Antwerp, whatever that might be.)

2.> IMI has a link called "Distance Learning via Global Business Academy" at the bottom of it's web page. This directs you to another ambiguous website belonging to "Global Business Academy", also in Belgium. This website has a number of partner links pointing to the following :

The International Management Institute
Barcelona Business School
European Business and Management School (EBMS)

So there are these 5 institutes : IIPM, IMI, GBA, EBMS and BBS, all calling each other partners.
But here comes the fun part.

Many links on all these websites are exactly identical. For example,

a.] Research and publications :


Mostly Indian books, a couple by our man in blue Arindam Choudhry.

b.] Faculty page :

c.] Student forum :

Eerie? Hell yeah! I don't know about you, but I sure think this daisychain of interconnected institutes, each existing ambiguously on the internet with no information other than the fact that they claim to churn out a large number of high quality MBA graduates seems extremely suspicious to say the least.

Update : The Transmogrifier does some more digging of his own along the same lines.

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