Thursday, October 27, 2005

Democrats celebrate the glorious fruits of inaction

President Bush's Supreme court nominee, Harriet Miers today withdrew her nomination for the position, saying "her nomination presented a 'burden for the White House.'" Democrats, who have shown absolutely no interest in either supporting or opposing her candidature celebrated the success of their inaction by organizing a massive rally in Times Square, New York.

Speaking at the rally, Colorado democratic Senator Ken Salazar, said "Harriet Miers was a nominee with absolutely no judicial experience. In addition, her nomination was a blatant example of cronyism by the administration, and that is why it was important to oppose it vehemently, by letting others do it for us. This is a huge victory for democrats and the country in general. It also proves that the best way to fight an issue is from the bleachers. We have been following this strategy for a number of years now, and it has finally been vindicated."

The senator then waited for applause, until being informed that there would be none, since most rally participants were attending it from within the comfort of their homes.

President Bush expressed his unhappiness at Harriet Mier's withdrawal. However, pointing out a bright spot in the proceedings, he said this meant that his practice of exchanging love notes with her could now continue unfettered, since there would be no conflict of interest issues.

The Family Research Council, a Christian right-wing organization, on learning of Miers' withdrawal, has immediately begun their search for other more suitable Supreme Court nominees to recommend to President Bush.

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