Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hate mail to the Rude Pundit

The Rude Pundit posted a few choice excerpts from the hate mail he usually receives in the course of all his Bush-bashing rhetoric. Surprisingly, one of them turned out to be from a Hindu Brahmin. "Whaa?", you might ask. A Hindu Brahmin sending hate mail to someone for making fun of Bush? That's, that's just incomprehensible. You would think that it's like Bush sending hate mail to someone for making fun of Saddam Hussain. Not that Bush would do that. Not a great fan of reading or writing, our President. But let's hear it from the horse's arse. I mean, mouth.

"Where the hell you think you can get the sacred name that is god given to hindu brahmins when you have as filty shit covered tongue who uses such foul language. We hindu brahmins let others use this name. But we assume they will act in a civilized manner. You are a sicko."

The guy was upset that a "pundit" would indulge in profanity on his blog. But I just loved the reasoning behind his ire. God gave the name "pundit" to Hindu Brahmins? And Hindu Brahmins reserve the right to pass it on to deserving people? For some reason I don't place much credence in that statement. And what the hell is this guy doing, accusing a "pundit" of being a sicko with a shit-encrusted tongue? That's so un-Hindu, man. But I did look up the word "pundit" on the Wiki. It defines a pundit as follows.

Pandits are hired to chant Vedic verses at yagyas and other events, both public and private. The chanting is meant to be listened to with a quiet mind for the purpose of spiritual development for the listener as well as enlivening of the atmosphere at an event.

Now, I doubt that the Rude One has ever chanted a Vedic verse in his lifetime. However, from what I know of him, not only does he develop one spiritually, but also enlivens the atmosphere quite a bit with his political discourse. So my friend Hindu Brahmin, you are wrong. The Rude One might be a shit-tongued sicko, but he falls well-within the textbook definition of a pundit.

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