Monday, October 10, 2005

IIPM students to burn degree certificates to protest defamation of institute

Students of a popular management institute in India called IIPM (Indian Institude of Planning and Management) have decided to burn their degree certificates in order to voice their support for their institute, which is currently in the midst of a controversy.

IIPM, which is under fire for allegedly printing incorrect and exaggerated claims about their institution including campus facilities and job placements, is currently seeking to file lawsuits against a magazine as well as a number of bloggers who dared to expose it's false claims.

The controversy that arose encouraged a number of IIPM alumni to organize a show of solidarity behind their alma mater, by lighting stuff on fire. Initially, the plan was to burn down the IIPM campus in New Delhi, which was discarded due to vehement oppposition from IIPM management. The plan was later modified to burn IBM laptops belonging to the institute, since one of the bloggers who had allegedly defamed the institute was an employee of IBM. However, this plan was also scrapped when a search of the IIPM campus did not yield any laptops that could be burnt.

Luckily, some quick thinking on the part of an IIPM alumnus (quick thinking being a part of the IIPM curriculum), led to the idea of burning all degree certificates issued by IIPM. When asked by reporters if burning degree certificates would harm their future job prospects, the pyromaniacal students replied, "On the contrary, if anything, it should help us."

Arindam Choudhry, the IIPM dean, when asked about this protest tactic of the students, commented, "No we are not destroying evidence."

In other news, IIPM has applied for a federal grant that will allow it to purchase newly available $100 laptops , since it is unable to afford IBM laptops for burning purposes.

Editor's note : Fuck everything else, IIPM's actions of trying to get even with Gaurav Sabnis by blackmailing his employer are outrageous, unethical, and HAVE to be opposed by every right-thinking individual. This is simply put, a case of bullying by a well-moneyed corporation. Period. I would not be surprised if, in fact, IIPM's actions turn out to be illegal. Maybe someone should look into that possibility. I applaud Gaurav for his decision and wish him all the best.

Update : IIPM to inaugurate new answering machine in Japan.

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