Wednesday, October 12, 2005

IIPM fine print division served legal notice by IIPM large print division

Some bitter infighting within the IIPM hierarchy has led to the IIPM fine print division being served with a legal notice by the IIPM large print division. These two divisions, which usually work hand-in-hand in close harmony to print out propaganda newsletters, also known colloquially as IIPM newspaper advertisements, are currently being torn apart due to opposing viewpoints on what each division perceives to be the Truth about the institute.

The entire furor arose when Fine Print (FP) management interrupted a steam sauna team bonding session, organized by Large Print (LP) management, in order to voice some concerns regarding a futuristic representation of IIPM campuses in Mumbai and New Delhi. To which, LP management replied "Well, just add the disclaimer that these pictures represent an artist's rendition of how Mr Arindam Choudhry would view his beloved creation under the influence of a hallucinogenic."

The matter took another ugly turn when LP management invaded a teammate-trust circle jerk session being attended by FP members to protest the fine print under IIPM's assertion of having an international faculty. "The disclaimer says 'International faculty restricted from existing anywhere except in Director's mind'.", ranted an irate LP team member. "And what about this note under the dean's mission statement that says "Disclaimer : Everything on this page is a hunk of horse feces'"?

Ultimately, getting frustrated with the Fine Print division's inexplicable insistence on telling the truth, the Large Print division finally had no option other than to serve it with an emailed legal notice to stop infringing on it's right to mislead the public. The matter is still awaiting a trial date, pending which, Mr Arindam Choudhry has been ordered by the Mumbai High Court to cease and desist his practice of wearing fluorescent blue shirts (via The Erudite Bong).

In other news, the IIPM legal team has just informed Mr Choudhry that the fact that he owns a pony-tail does not legally allow him to claim the existence of ponies on the campus.

Update : Fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy and fishy

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